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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  September 17, 2010 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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announcing elizabeth warren will oversee the creation of the new consumer protection agency. she won't lead the organization. instead, she's been appointed to get the agency up and running off the ground. >> three years ago she came up with an idea for a new independent agency with one simple overriding mission, standing up for consumers and middle class families. that agency will soon become a reality. the consumer financial protection bureau, which was one of the central aspects of financial reform, will empower all americans with the clear and concise information they need to make the best choices, the best financial decisions for them and their families. >> the president speaking just a short time ago. mike, this was pretty expected that elizabeth warren was probably going to get this position. but explain the difference in the title here. >> well, she's a special adviser.
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she's not nominated to be the director of the new agency that she had thought of some time ago that became a reality as a result of the financial reform package that passed earlier this year. many people were clambering for the nomination of elizabeth warren, especially on those on the left. it may be noted not incidentally they looked at the math in the senate, they realized you could probably not be confirmed, and yet we are in an election year where the democratic party faces an enthusiasm gap. this woman was championed by the left. she was a darling of the left. the president did not want to disappoint the left, so they more or less split the baby. she's appointed. she will require no senate confirmation. the white house and the president pointing out she'll be there after the creation of what is after all her brain child. reporting directly to the president and to the secretary of the treasury to get this agency up and running. a cop on the beat as she put it today in a blog post.
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she wants to get tough with the banks, the financial institutions, the credit card companies for hidden fees and abuses that she sees being perpetrated on the middle class. you heard the president talk about that today. >> let's talk about the difference with the confirmation that is not going to happen. she could stay in this permission without any challenges? >> i'm not so sure that's true. some people look and say the longest she could serve would be in the middle of 2012, which puts you in the middle of a presidential election year and would reopen that can of worms, assuming it's still a volatile issue at that point. chris dodd, the connecticut democrat, the chairman of the senate banking committee says, look, it's essential. he supports elizabeth warren, but it's essential she be appointed or nominated through the usual process, or someone should be. it could leave the entire bureau
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in jeopardy without the teeth necessary to really go after the people it's designed to go after at this new agency, the consumer financial protection bureau. >> it's a mouthful. tim geithner has not spoken yet, correct? has not given his reaction? >> no, we have not heard from tim geithner. let's go ahead and assume he'll be supportive, yes. >> also, we have press secretary robert gibbs who is going to be talking at 1:15. new developments to talk about in chile. government officials say the bore hole that has reached the 32 miners trapped underground, but they caution rescuing the men is still weeks away. they still have to widen the hole so the minerscan be pulled through it. now the latest on a story that gained worldwide condition last month. bethany of vancouver, washington, said a complete stranger threw acid in her face. from the hospital where she was being treated she shared her compelling story hoping the
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criminal would be caught. vancouver police spent hundreds of hours investigating this. last night they dropped this bombshell. >> during the interview, miss storo admitted her injuries were self-inflicted. the attack did not occur as she had previously reported. >> what made her come clean on this? >> it seems like, thomas, she knew sheçó had been caught. yesterday police got a search warrant to invest her home. they went there. they did discover items that they haven't disclosed. they did interview 28-year-old. she did admit she maimed her own face. it all started when bethany storro said she was walking in downtown vancouver and an african-american woman approached her holding a cup y saying hey pretty girl, would
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you like to drink this, and that woman then threw a cup of acid on her face. she said 20 minutes before that is she decided to buy a pair of sunglasses. what's odd is she never wore sunglasses. police say there were red flags from the beginning. for one, why she didn't have any markings or burns on the chest or shoulder. if someone had thrown acid at it, it wouldn't have just injured her face. it would have injured other parts of her body. they also want to know why she was wearing sunglasses at night. then she canceled an interview she had scheduled with oprah winfrey. that was a big red flag for a lot of people. so, again, she did confess to authorities yesterday. they said she is very remor remorseful. here's the commander of the vancouver police department talking on the "today show." >> i did have the occasion to see her in the office. she was visibly upset, shaking, crying, very sad. very sad little girl.
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>> reporter: now police are still trying to determine storro's motive. they say once they're finished with their investigation, they'll turn this all over to the prosecutor's office to determine what, if any, charges will be filed. thomas? >> kristen, thank you. new york city gets caught real off guard when a wild storm rips up through the area. now right now the national weather service is trying to find out if a tornado touched down last night. the storm stalled commuters by knocking out power lines, toppling trees, paralyzing traffic. flights were canceled. one driver was killed by a falling tree. at the same time cameras captured dramatic video of lightning bolts flashing around the statue of liberty. peter alexander joins us from queens, new york. >> thomas, first of all, just to be very clear, folks are so unused to that that it's only happened eight times a tornado has touched down in new york city. in the last 60 years. it's unclear if that's what happened so far. give you an idea of what the
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damage is left behind. on the top floor you can see the roof was peeled back like the top of a can of sardines. you can get a better sense of the experience. a husband and his wife, 7 months pregnant just moved into the apartment a month ago. they were having dinner with the woman's mom when the windows blew in, the brook wall fell in and the roof peeled off. the pregnant woman is in the hospital. he was hurt. going forward, most people are worried about electricity. 30,000 people still without power. con-ed reporting they will work through the weekend to make sure everyone gets their power back. they hope to have most people's power returned by late saturday. everybody's power returned by 11:00 p.m. on sunday. and for those on the eastbound line on the port washington line, it's still suspended as a result of the debris over those
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tracks. so this is a big mess for people who don't see it often. >> the national weather service is trying to figure out if it was a tornado or not. do they know how they do that? is it by looking at the swirl patterns of the damage? >> they do. they examine the damage. i'm not an expert at it. a lot of the language they were using to describe it was confusing to me. they can tell by the damage and debris field to have a better sense if this was a tornado that touched down or a funnel cloud above. it has to touch down to be considered a tornado. they're in the process of trying to find that. they said by perhaps as early as this evening. >> peter, thanks so much. now to central ohio where authorities confirm a tornado did touch down in the area. heavy winds overturned mobile homes and toppled powerlines. and heavy rains caused flooding
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in lan sising, michigan. police had to reroute some drivers to keep sthem away from the flooded areas. and four people were injured when a helicopter crashed in colorado. they were carrying a crew filming a commercial. the three passengers suffered injuries that are not considered life threatening. developing right now, hurricane karl is making landfall in mexico, and the category three storm is pushing dangerously close to the vera cruz resort area. nasa still providing amazing bird's eye images of karl churning over the gulf of mexico. hurricane igor has set a track for bermuda where it is expected to make landfall this weekend. nick, what are we going to talk about first? karl? >> let's talk about karl. that's the one that's made immediate landfall. that's the one that will cause problems. karl, igor, julia.
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julia will not cause problems. igor is. and karl already has. making landfall ten miles north of vera cruz, a city of 700,000 people. this is going to have some devastation. 12 to 15 foot water rise, waves on top of that, then we'll see flooding rain and mud slides as this goes across the mountains here of mexico. could see a lot of damage as a result of flooding. maybe even around mexico city over the next couple of days. 20 million people there. then there's igor. hurricane-forced winds, 105 miles from the center. tropical storm forced winds, 290 miles from the center. bermuda, this will be like fabien in 2003. we had eight people die, 120 mile-an-hour winds. ber pmuda really needs to be on guard sunday night into monday morning. a florida father is facing
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legal problems because of a school bus rant. check out this. it's surveillance video of james jones. he stormed onto a school bus after he says his daughter told him she was being harassed and bullied by the other children. jones fass charges ofs discorderly conduct. a group of doctors is link mcdonald's to e beobesity-relat deaths. they launched a new commercial that isn't exactly subtle. take a look at this. >> hi cholesterol, hi blood pressure, heart attacks. tonight, make it vegetarian. >> oh. here's mcdonald's response to that. this commercial is outrageous, misleading and unfair to all
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consumers. mcdonald's trusts our customers to put such outlandish propaganda. michael smerconish is a contributor here at msnbc. he joins us to talk about this. what did you think about that? the arches going over the guy's feet? >> i confess to bias in this one. one of my first jobs was to work at mcdonald's. as a matter of fact, there was a time when i think 10% of the american workforce had worked for mcdonald's as a starting job. but i think it ignores personal responsibility. it's way over the line, and why single out mcdonald's of all of the chains? i understand why they targeted washington, d.c. they say they've got a higher concentration of fast food in that town than any other place in america. but i really do think it's over the line. to fight obesity is great. but to promote a vegan agenda and to target only mcdonald's. >> we all remember the movie "super size me."
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mcdonltds toald's took a beatin that one. it was about eating their food for 30 days. this ad was by a nonprofit group. physicians committee for responsible medicine. it began airing mainly on cable tv in the washington, d.c. area. but as you were saying, you think it's unfair to target mcdonald's specifically. but as you're saying, 10% of people may have worked at mcdonald's. 100% of americans have eaten mcdonald's. >> no doubt. it reminds me of there was an effort in southern california where a municipality wanted to ban mcdonald's from including toys in their happy meals. figuring that those toys were a lure that parents could not resist for their kids. at that time i argued the same thing i argue here. it's not mcdonald's that's putting food into people's mouths. it's individuals making the choice to do so. so if you want a real debate about healthy diets, let's target consumers and not mcdonald's. they're making a perfectly legal product in the country.
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we could find out within the next few hours whether or not a political heavyweight plans to bow out. lisa murkowski is expected to announce later today whether she's going to run a candidacy
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she lost the primary last month to joe miller. the tea party spent more than half a million dollars to support miller in the primary. conservative activists are out in force now at the annual value voters summit in the nation's capitol. already today they heard from some of the republican party's biggest names who have taken aim at the democrats. >> i think it will be a great time to convene the death panels and finally offer a lethal injection to the kind of congressional arrogance that we have had over us for so long. >> i guess it's the nancy pelosi, harry reid farewell party. it's been a tough year for those. the numbers go down to the chute faster than a jetblue flight attendant. >> right now former pennsylvania senator rick santorum is speaking to a crowd of faithful. in an hour christine o'donnell
2:19 pm
will be taking her turn. mark murray is there. mark, explain who us, who is this summit intended for? >> reporter: well, thomas, this summit is sponsored by the family research counsel, associated more with social issues, opposition to gay marriage, opposition to abortion. of course, the economy is issue number one politically. we've heard tons of economic red meat aimed at the obama administration, at the democratic leaders in congress. we've also heard on soeshl issues as well. there's an interesting social economic divide going on in the republican party. the tea party has a lot of roots in libertarianism. sometimes that's at odds with social conservatism. but certainly the economy is number one. it's been a topic here at this
2:20 pm
conferenc conference. >> in the past social issues have always drummed up support from the base. right now with america facing the recession it's in, it's all about the economy, though. are they focusing on that as well? are you saying they're spending more time focusing on the social issues that always drive out the republicans? >> it's both. but it's very heavy. mitt romney infusing social issues and economic issues. there's been a heavy dose of the economy, which is surprising from past family research council con fabs, always have been heavy on the social issues. >> christine o'donnell is going to speak. who is after her? >> well, she's really the main attraction. a lot of presidential candidates are speaking. she's the one we're going to be watching for. her speech will be in the next hour. >> good to see you. confrontation in jail.
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welcome back, everybody. murder suspect joran van der sloot got a surprise visitor to his jail cell in peru. that visitor, the mom of missing teen natalee holloway. joran van der sloot is considered a suspect in her disappearance five years ago. he's behind bars accused of killing a young woman he met in peru. michelle kosinski has the details of the jailhouse confrontation. >> reporter: when we heard about this, we thought "what?" but five years ago her mother vowed to never give up to use all her energy to find out what happened. she has kept that promise, traveling down to peru now where joran van der sloot is held in a
2:25 pm
prison awaiting trial for murdering a young woman down there, and she confronted him face to face. we recently heard this interview done behind bars in which he says life behind bar isn't that bad. he's been teaching the guards english and now claims he knows nothing about what happened to natalee. beth holloway's said she had enough of hearing this. she teamed up with a dutch tv crew, got inside the prison and let him have it. telling him the united states has not forgotten about him. whatever happens in peru, he still faces an indictment for extortion here. and if he knows anything, he should say it now, not ten years down the road, but right now. she also told him she holds no hate in her soul for him, but he said he couldn't talk to her and gave her the phone number for his attorney. when prison guards realized this may be part of some kind of television event, they hustled
2:26 pm
beth and the camera crew out of there. here's what her attorney said on "today" this morning. >> this was a mother acting on her instikts, not thinking of the legal repurr cushions. she's determined, motivated very focused. she loved her daughter dearly. she's been driven from the heart now. god bless her. >> beth may have felt like this was her only chance. lately even investigators have been no no real hurry to talk to him. they feel it's very unlikely that joran van der sloot will tell them anything. back to you. a historic meeting. a first for the pope during his visit to london. we bring you a live report next. and almost there. the goulf oil well is close to being plugged for good. ry etf, 5-star service, and unmatched trading tools. there's price. there's value. don't confuse the two. e-trade. investing unleashed.
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a sixth suspect is under arrest in an alleged plot to attack the pope. pope benedict just finished attending an evening prayer service. the pope is on his second day of a historic four-day trip to the u.k. stephanie gosk joins us from london. give us the update, the latest on the arrests now that the sixth suspect is in custody. hey, thomas. well, the other five suspects were arrested earlier this morning around 5:45. late at night, britain's anti-terror command received information they thought was suspicious that pointed to a possible or alleged attack against the hope. they acted on it with an abundance of caution. they are street cleaners. they arrested them, took them to a police station. they are questioning them. they have yet to charge them with any crime at this point. they have been been searching
2:31 pm
residences for that hazardous material. they continue to detain them. we don't know much more than that. the pope and his entourage were notified that the arrest took place. the vatican says the pope is calm. they've not decided to change any of their itinerary. they're going to go about their busy schedule. also the metropolitan police said they looked at their security plan, and they're satisfied with where it stands. it doesn't seem at this point to be a particularly serious threat. but it certainly highlights the importance that security officials are putting on the security of the hope. we've seen just in our visits, in scotland as well as down here in london, intense security presence. they blocked off streets today. we tried to get to a venue at the university this morning, and they wouldn't let us in because the pope had arrived and they stopped all foot traffic. >> so the pope will be keeping to his schedule. explain what is next over the next few days for him. how many more public venues will he be exposed to? >> well, he that has to big
2:32 pm
events. the first tomorrow at hyde park. an open air mass. another open air mass in birmingham. he will have done three by the end of his four days. those are probably the biggest security security risks. if they're going to anything like the event in gloscow they block off entrances and make people walk in. they're not allowed to bring in umbrellas or chairs or pets. they're very strict so they can control the people there. they also have to have tickets. and there's an enormous police presence. that's the way they monitor those crowds. you may have noticed yesterday the pope mobile lowered the bullet proof windows so the pope could kiss a baby. they feel pretty confident that the crowd is safe enough. >> stephanie gosk live for us in london. thank you. former president jimmy carter may still be holding a serious judge against the late senator ted kennedy. the president was interviewed by
2:33 pm
"60 minutes" about his upcoming book. he made this comment about his administration's failure to pass comprehensive health care reform. >> we could have had comprehensive health care now had it not been for ted kennedy deliberately blocking the legislation proposed in 1978 or '79. >> you blame teddy for the failure? >> yeah. >> health care, his issue. >> exactly. >> just to spite you? that's the implication? >> that's the implication. he did not want to see me have a major success in that realm of american life. >> senator kennedy was a leading ads vo cat for health care reform during his senate career. he died before the health care bill was signed into law in march. this sunday former president bill clinton and retired general colin powell will be david gregory's guests. if it's sunday, it's meet the
2:34 pm
press. thofrauthorities are trying determine how many people were killed at the devastating natural gas explosion. and a coroner's office is examining remains found yesterday in one of three dozen homes that were destroyed. three people are missing. four people are confirmed dead. bp is preparing for the final kill of the blown-out well in the gulf of mexico. it's preparing to seal the well for good this weekend. five months after the worst oil disaster in u.s. history. kristin joins us live about the plans for this weekend. >> 150 days after the oil started flowing into the gulf of mexico, bp says we're only a day away from them declaring this well is finally and permanently sealed. that relief well they started drilling just a short time after this disaster began, that intersected with the macondo well yesterday afternoon. the next step is pumping heavy mud and cement into the well to
2:35 pm
seal it from the bottom. bp thinks they should be able to do that over the next day. some time on saturday we expect to hear that the well will never again flow oil into the gulf of mexico. thomas? >> and this all comes after the relief well that bp has been drilling finally intersected the blown out well, right? >> exactly. and that was a very delicate process. it took months and monthsed. they had to drill and reach a dinner-sized plate pipe. that's what they were able to do. those wells are now connected. and they've tested the area around the original casing. they found no oil in that. that's good news. again, they'll be putting that cement in. they're not sure if it will take a few hours or 24 hours, but they're confident they should be habl to do within the next day. >> the fish kill. a second one found yesterday.
2:36 pm
what are people saying there about this? >> yeah. we've seen the dramatic pictures from earlier in the week. scientists said that fish kill was from a lack of oxygen. they don't think it was related to the oil. another one. thousands of fish again found yesterday. people are saying it's not uncommon. it is more freekd than they've seen in the past. and the fish kill is bigger than they've seen in past. they're asking for more testing to make sure the oil didn't have anything to do with the oxygen depletion that killed those fish. >> kristen dahlgren, thank you. we have business headlines this afternoon now. in separate meetings today in houston and chicago, shareholders approved the company's $3.2 million merger. that clears the way for if creation of the world's largest airline. they expect to close the merger by october 1st. this is the last day of a two-day job fair for soon to be laid off workers at nasa's kennedy space center.
2:37 pm
about 9,000 workers will lose their jobs when the space shuttle program ends next year. nasa is trying to help them fine other jobs. the recession is keeping inflation in check for now. the labor department says consumer prices edged up 3/10 of a percent in august. so, if you are feeling poor these days, like me, you are not hay loan. the federal reserve says the net worth of americans shrank 2.7% in the second quarter of the year due mostly to the falling stock market. that translated to a loss of 1 $.5 trilli1 1 $1.5 billion. a big honor for prince william. he's now known as a flight lieutenant. his first tour will begin at an r.a.f. base will he'll fly missions to rescues hikers and
2:38 pm
climbers. an elaborate celebrity hoax comes to an end. not everyone is surprised to learn the truth. let's get the scoop from courtney. >> we're talking about celebrity hoax, we must be talking about joaquin and his documentary, i'm still here. it all began with an off handed red carpet that said i'm quitting acting and going into hip-hop. then he had a strange appearance on letterman. let's watch a clip of that for context. >> in "walk the line" i said this guy is tremendous. he's singing, and it sounded great. is that the kind of music you're interested in. >> no, no, i do more of hip-hop music. >> hip-hop music? >> i'm sorry you couldn't be here tonight. >> one of the best closing lines of an interview that seems to go horribly wrong. the director of this film, casey
2:39 pm
affleck, said it was a hoax. apparently for some, it comes as maybe a shock. at the end of the day. i'm not sure we should be impressed that he became this other person or thing for a year. does that make him a good actor or make him weird? that's what i'm asking. i don't know. for a better part of the year and have camera follows you and say it's okay. i'm a joke. it opened in needers last weekend. it made $96,000 among the 19 theaters it was playing in. it will be coming out on demand in a few weeks. >> you talk about movies. >> if you aren't near one of the 19 theaters showing "i'm still here" it's a big weekend. we have "the town." that's starring ben affleck, a guy named john hamm who you may have heard of and jeremy renner. >> and blake lively from "gossip
2:40 pm
girl." >> this movie has tons of buzz. i'm picking it as if number one film for the weekend. that said, it's going to be followed very closely behind by another movie "easy a." that stars emma stone, who was in "super bad." there's going to be a huge following because of emma stone. it's about a girl who prends to have sex with other people. >> and the funny kid from cougar town. >> i think it will do well. but it's not going to be number one. and other movie news. sasha bahron cohen is being cast as freddy mercury in a biopic about queen. it was written by peter morgan. he also wrote "last king of scotla scotland." looking at a 2011 release date. >> the resemblance is uncanny.
2:41 pm
i never realized it before until they had pictures side by side. >> he's a tall dude. i don't know how all the freddy was. >> courtney, have a great weekend. >> for the latest entertainment news. log onto vice president joe biden is joining the democratic candidate for u.s. senate in delaware. chris coons. he will take on the winner of the republican primary, christine o'donnell. with that we'll be right back. than anywhere else in america, and the people who've lost them have no idea what to do or who to turn to. in fact, local tv stations have started running public service announcements that tell people where to find food banks, even as the food banks don't have enough to meet the demand. ♪
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just got rammed! just got rammed. >> an amazing police chase caught on video. this happened early wednesday. a stolen car. suspect rams a police car twice after being pulled over in michigan. the driver then speeds off, but quickly spun around and headed back at the police cruiser, head on. she missed, but then pulled up behind the officer, rammed his car again from the rear.
2:45 pm
now she then sped off again, crossed state lines into indiana before finally giving up. the suspect is in jail awaiting ext extradiction. police say a doctor wounded in thursday's shooting is in stable condition. an orthopedist was in surgery for several hours but is expected to make a recovery. 50-year-old paul warren killed his 84-year-old mom and himself a few hours after shooting the doctor. the mother ad arthritis. in 2008 she showed a couple of lavish homes in an upscale suburb and was never seen alive again. it's been two years. no arrests, no clear answers to what happened. lindsey's story is the focus of
2:46 pm
"dateline's" nbc specialist tonight. what happened to lindsay? >> well, that's right, thomas. this is a story as sad as it is mysterious. and unexplained murder of someone who didn't have any enemies. just north of seattle and a few short miles for the glittering green playground known as the san juan islands sits a town that knows little of the ugly side of life it's victoria, british columbia. this is where a girl was born and raised, safely in the arms of a large extended family. and many friends who loved her. the young they all treasured was lindsay.
2:47 pm
her father, jeff. >> she would make friends with everybody. and want to be your friend. >> loved by everybody. >> loved by everybody. >> lindsay's chosen career was real estate. and in late january of 2008, lindsay received that call every agent dreams of, a new client was on the phone from vancouver. police would describe the call this way. the client said she and her husband were moving to victoria, and wanted to look at homes near the city that were in ready to move in condition. february 2nd, 2008. it was 5:30 p.m. when lindsay met the couple here, a five-bedroom, four-bath checktive home listed at $964,000. in an upscale victoria suburb called saanich. it was the last place lindsay was seen alive. >> you know, the wee hours of
2:48 pm
the morning i received a call from my ex-wife. she said, i have the worst news ever in the world. lindsay's been murdered. >> reporter: lindsay's body had been found after 6:00 p.m. here in that luxe home in a victoria suburb. a high-dollar property she was showing to her big-money complaints. lindsay had been stabbed to death. you know, police up in saanich are still working this case very hard. dateline is seen by a lot of people here in canada. it's also possible somebody here in the united states knows something, too. they're asking for any help anybody may give them. somebody may remember something this long after the case, even two years out. thomas? >> who was in her life at this time? she had a boyfriend. she had people that were around her on a day-to-day basis. were they all scratched off the list? >> she did. so far everybody that has
2:49 pm
emerged as a suspect has been scratched off the list. at least officially by police. she had a boyfriend. she had an ex-boyfriend. the there are people in her family that suspect one or the other. at the moment nothing is pointing to either win of them. it is a true mystery. >> we want to remind you again a dream house mystery on dateline tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern. a, and what it lets them do. the thing i love most about zyrtec® is that it allows me to be outside. [ male announcer ] we bet you'll love zyrtec®, too -- or it's free. [ vonetta ] it is countdown to marshmallow time. [ woman laughs ] [ woman ] chopping and peeling can be kinda relaxing at the end of the day. [ female announcer ] relaxing for who? try new market creations from lean cuisine. the new steam pouch locks in the fresh taste of crisp veggies, tender chicken, and al dente pasta, new market creations from lean cuisine. when i went on medicare, i did the numbers. that was the moment of truth. medicare by itself doesn't cover everything. we'd need more than that.
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as we told you at the top of the hour, president obama has just named elizabeth warren to start up a new consumer protection agency. the president stopped short of nominating her to head the new federal agency, and instead, he appointed her as a special white house adviser, an adviser to the treasury effectively by passing senate confirmation here. this afternoon the press corps repeatedly asked robert gibbs why warren wasn't simply not named for the post. >> anybody that gets nominated, it's going to take months and months and months before they're
2:53 pm
ready to be voed in the standing up of this position. we know from the appointments process that the republicans in the senate have virtually ground to a halt nearly 200 nominations are pending. nobody was going to be confirmed any time soon. >> robert gibbs there. there's a lot going on today here. some of the things you should know about. stephen colbert and jon stewart have come up on their own response. the two comedy central hosts announced corallies in d.c. for the day before halloween. colbert's rally is called the rally to restore sanity. you want to own this historic mansion where chelsea clinton tied the knot? you can. the the real estate broker who upped the price by $1 million after chelsea's nuptials has now
2:54 pm
cut the price. it was $13 million. now you can have it for a bargain at $7.5 million. it is official. oprah has chosen the best selling novel "freedom" by jonathan franzen for her book club. president obama picked up an advanced copy of freedom while vacationing on martha's vineyard last month. those are some things we thought you should know about today. dad, i hope you're watchinging. this is about a beer drinker's paradise. the great american beer festival this weekend in denver. 455 brewers serving up 2,200 different kinds of beers. brian shactman got the tough assignment of sampling there. >> thank you, thomas. we have been searching far and wide for signs of an economic recovery in the united states. we seem to have found it with beer. as overall beer sales in the united states vz slumped 2.7%, craft beers have spiked about
2:55 pm
10%. here in denver, colorado, they're having the great american beer festival. about 50,000 people will psych it will through sampling about 2,000 beer from over 450 breweries. the basic thing we're getting is people don't mind spending $12 for a six pack of beer because they can't buy the car. they mi as well enjoy a little bit of happiness in a glass. back to you. >> do ef to this spit it out, like they do with wine? i guess not. just down the hatch. all right, everybody. it's friday. that wraps up this hour for me. i'm thomas roberts. chris jansing picks things up after the break. great to have you with me. you are watching msnbc.
2:56 pm
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2:59 pm
palin in 2012? the former alaska governor just hours away from an appearance in iowa. is she signaling that she might run? acid attack hoax. police say a woman who said she had acid thrown on her face by a mysterious attacker actually did it to herself. but why? and video you have to see to believe. that's a toddler right out in the middle of the highway. find out how it all inded. hello, everyone. i'm chris jansing live at msnbc world headquarters in new york. on the 223rd anniversary of the signing of the constitution, most conservative heavy hitters are together in washington nor the value voters summit. religious leaders, lawmakers, presidential hopefuls from mike huckabee to mitt romney invoked god and secured the obama ad administration on a series of issues, all to the delight of the crowd. >> i'm hoping maybe jeremiah wright w
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